Monday, November 7, 2011

Who are we?

 Who We Are:
 “Tonic for the Dystonic” is a non-profit organization for Dystonia awareness. Dystonia is a painful muscle disorder that there is currently no cure for.
What We Believe:
We believe in finding purposeful and engaging ways to raise awareness for Dystonia. We believe that everyone has a story and that those with this painful muscle disorder need to be heard.
Our Mission:
 Our mission is to spread awareness through campaigns and fundraisers. The money raised through these various events will be donated to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation based in Chicago where research is ongoing to find a cure. Donations can be made at events or online at

Our Vision:
 Our vision is to build a community of supporters who are united in our desire to aid those struggling with this debilitating disease. We hope to become a prominent example of service, compassion and leadership in our community through our efforts.
Our Commitment:
We are committed to educating others about Dystonia and gaining their support in finding a cure. There are many people affected by Dystonia and it is our commitment to help their individual stories be heard.
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