Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dystoners Caught Cleaning Up Their Act

She was the epitome of  "grandma". She pulled into the Walgreens parking lot and parked her large car behind an SUV whose color was quickly changing from a reddish-brown to a newly discovered white. As she rolled down the window, her soft eyes and light grey hair were ornamented by a gentle smile. "Are you gentlemen doing a car wash?" Her Belgian accent caught me off guard, but as I got to know this sweet lady, I then realized that we were doing a lot more than just cleaning cars...

Many people, like this elderly lady, have never heard of Dystonia. Through the car washes held in Provo and Saratoga Springs, we were able to raise over three hundred dollars. But just as important as raising money, is raising Dystonia awareness. While washing cars, we were able to inform people about Dystonia and our efforts to raise money and awareness. Armed with an informative pamphlet and a positive experience in meeting our team of Dystoners, these individuals now possess not only shiny bright cars, but a brighter understanding of Dystonia. We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who supported our efforts in these car washes!
Dystonia is a painful degenerative neurological disorder. "Degenerative" means that it can get worse over time. Also, there is currently no cure for Dystonia. Please help us spread awareness! If you are new to this blog, please stay involved and show your support by donating, subscribing, or sharing our cause with your friends!

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